Karma Boxed

Choose from any of our three Karma Kitchen Boxed and receive our food cooked, immediately frozen and delivered to your door, anywhere throughout mainland England and most of Scotland and Wales. Our boxes typically take 3-5 working days to arrive (excluding weekends and bank holidays), following day of order.

In a nutshell you have: A taste of Karma Kitchen: any 3 curries, 2 rice and 1 naan. Karma Kitchen Classic: any 5 curries, 3 rice and 3 naan. Karma dream feast: any 8 curries, 4 rice and 4 naan.

Please also inform us of any allergies prior to placing your order. As all the curries are cooked to order, any offending ingredient can be omitted.

Bon appétit!

reemavedharaKarma Boxed