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Please refer to the allergies listed prior to placing your order. If you have any further questions on allergies, please contact us before placing your order.

Bon appétit!


1 Item | £6.95
Sheesh kebab£4.95
2 mildly spiced soya kebabs, served with salad and mint yoghurt sauce- Contains soy, gf and nut free
Zero waste cauli£4.95
Take the base and leaves of the cauliflower, and cook up a sweet and sour tangy storm! Perfectly spiced in a tomato sauce and served on a fluffy puri. Contains gluten
Banana blossom "fish" masala£4.95
Banana blossom pan fried with tomatoes, garlic, ginger and aromatic spices (gf)
Kattal Chaat Puri£4.95
Stir-fried jackfruit with a sprinkling of chaat masala served on an Indian crispy bread - Contains gluten.
Tofu Pakora£4.95
Marinated tofu in a crispy batter served with mint and coriander chutney (gf) - Contains soya.
Tofu Tikka£4.95
Marinated tofu cooked in a special sauce tandoori style served with salad and minty yogourt sauce (gf) - Contains soya.
Veggie Samosa£3.95
Contains gluten.
Mixed Veg Bhuna Puri£4.99
Fluffy Indian flat bread served with mixed veg cooked in a Masala sauce - Contains gluten.
Onion Bhaji£3.50
Deep fried shredded onions coated in a crispy batter (gf).
1 Item | £6.95

Karma Curries

1 Item | £6.95
Ch'kn jalfrazi£7.95
Marinated soy, stir fried in a rich medium spiced sauce, including tomato, onions and peppers. Contains Soy. Gf and nut free 
Vegetable Korma£7.95
An assortment of vegetables perfectly dressed in a creamy super mild sauce-Contains almonds and cashew
Tofu tikka masala£7.95
Marinated pieces of tofu served in a mildly spiced, creamy sauce-Contains soya and almonds
Red kidney beans slow-cooked to create a rich gravy mixed with asfitida, onion, garlic, ginger and a blend of spices (gf).
Tempeh do piaza£7.95
Fried tempeh cooked and served in an onion and ginger curry sauce (gf) - contains soya.
Veggie Tofu Biryani£7.95
Fried tofu, spiced vegetable, cashews and sultanas, cooked and served with rice (gf) - Contains nuts and Soya.
Seitan Puddina£7.95
Seitan in a special blend of spices in a hint of mint - super saucy! - Contains gluten.
Seitan Madras£7.95
Chunks of homemade seitan cooked in a spicy madras sauce - Contains gluten.
Tofu Makhani£7.95
Fried tofu cooked in a spiced semi-sweet "butter" sauce (gf) - Contains nuts and soya.
Tofu Saag£7.95
Tofu fried and cooked in spicy pureed mustard greens (gf) - Contains mustard leaves and soya.
South Indian Kattal Curry£7.95
Pieces of jackfruit, garlic, onion, tomato and roasted herbs in a creamy coconut sauce (gf).
Mixed Veg Platter£7.95
Mixture of spiced vegetable fritters served with a selection of sauces and salad (gf).
Baingan Bhartha£6.99
Roast aubergines cooked with herbs and spices, stir-fried and garnished with spring onion (gf).
Aloo Gobi£6.95
Pan-fried cauliflower and potatoes cooked with whole cumin seeds, fresh herbs and spices (gf).
TVP Cabbage£6.95
Dry curry made from curried cabbage (gf).
Veg and cashew curry£7.95
Dry mixed vegetables and toasted cashew nuts, mildly spiced with a little sweetness (gf) -  Contains nuts.
Chana Daal with lauki£6.95
Chickpea daal with lauki (bottle gourd-one of the healthiest vegetable around) (gf)
Chana Masala£6.95
Chickpeas cooked in tomato, onion and spices to create a rich thick sauce (gf).
Tarka Daal£6.95
Lentils cooked in a rich mildly spiced sauce (gf).
Bindi Masala£6.95
Fresh okra cooked in onion, garlic, tomato and spicy rich sauce (gf).
1 Item | £6.95

Sides / Sundries

1 Item | £6.95
Cheese naan£3.50
Contains gluten and nuts (gf available)
Peshwari Naan£2.95
Contains nuts and gluten
Garlic Naan£2.95
Contains gluten (gf available). 
Plain Naan£2.75
Contains gluten (gf available).
Peshwari Rice£2.95
Contains gluten and nuts.
Vegetable Rice£2.95
Nut Rice£2.95
Contains nuts.
Onion Rice£2.95
Mushroom Rice£2.95
Garlic Rice£2.95
Steamed Rice£2.50
Contains gluten.
Tawa Roti£1.50
Contains gluten.
1 Item | £6.95

Tandoori Pizzas


1 Item | £6.95
Tiramisu cake£3.80
Double decker vanilla and chocolate sponge cake, with coffee whip and a light dusting of cocoa powder. Topped with giant chocolate buttons. Available by the slice. Contains gluten and soy. *Baked in a kitchen that handles nuts 
Biscoff cake£3.80
Sponge with crushed biscuit, biscoff spread frosting, topped with the famous deep caramel flavoured biscuit. Contains gluten and soy.
Rainbow ring cake£3.80
Vanilla sponge, rainbow frosting, topped with your favourite party biscuit! Contains gluten and soy. 
Oreo cake£4.95
Big slab of oreo cake. Yum! Contains gluten, soy and may contain nuts
Baked vanilla cheesecake£4.50
Says it all in the name! Contains gluten and cashew nuts
Indian rice pudding£2.95
Cinnamon rice pudding with almonds and golden raisins, and a sprinkling of warm spices. Gluten free. Contains nuts and soy
1 Item | £6.95


1 Item | £6.95
Orange blossom milk£2.95
Oat milk with orange essence, dairy free cream and kishmish. Gluten and nut free
Rose milk£2.95
Oat milk with rose petals essence and pistachio. Gluten free
Mango lassi£2.95
Soy yoghurt drink with mango puree. Gluten free, nut free.
1 Item | £6.95